As data center solution providers, we understand the importance of keeping an IT infrastructure modern. Using outdated technology can make it harder to meet your customer’s needs and put your company at risk of security issues. Fortunately, it doesn’t take too much to work to update your IT infrastructure and get it functioning as efficiently as possible. Here’s how you can start modernizing your IT infrastructure.

1. Review your current equipment

First, you need to know all of the technology that your company currently has. Once you’ve determined that, decide on which technology is still working efficiently and which technology needs to be modernized. For the items you want to be modernized, determine what goals and objectives you desire to be accomplished with modernizing. You need to have an idea of what you want your IT infrastructure to look like in the next five to 10 years. Anticipate what your company will need through using open protocols and open standards. Once you’ve determined the goals to accomplish, put together a technology road map outlining what needs to be done to take your IT infrastructure where it needs to be.

2. Design and build your IT infrastructure

When designing and building your new IT infrastructure, it’s helpful to partner with a data center solution provider. You can try finding providers that are knowledgeable about the current technology landscape, such as the latest technology available, the changes made in the industry, and current market trends. A good data center solution company can design an IT infrastructure, input the best technology that fits with a business’s needs, and can conduct the modernization process efficiently. Once everything is designed, the process of building the IT infrastructure can begin. After you’ve built it, it’s critical to monitor the results and continually update as needed.

3. Increase visibility and remember to strengthen security

Be sure to find ways to add more automation and analytics to your infrastructure during the process of modernizing. Doing this will increase the control and visibility of your company. It will also improve the scale of your technology stack, efficiency, and overall performance. Additionally, it’s common for many companies to overlook security when modernizing. Large data breaches are a threat for any industry, so be sure to input the latest security hardware into your IT infrastructure. It can be helpful to look into cybersecurity consulting services to gain more insight into protecting your company.

Why should you modernize your IT infrastructure?

As mentioned earlier, outdated technology can have security risks and cause difficulty in meeting your customer’s needs. Modernizing your IT infrastructure can help eliminate those problems and also provide other benefits. Older models of technology cost more to maintain as tech companies discontinue supporting them. Upgrading to new technology can assist in reducing your cost of maintenance.

In addition, with a modernized IT infrastructure, you’ll be able to integrate with cloud technology, which can enable faster delivery of IT services. In 2020, it’s estimated that around 83% of a company’s workload will be stored on the cloud. Lastly, newer servers have more bandwidth and memory. As a result of the increased performance, operational costs are minimized.

Modernizing your IT infrastructure can be a useful way to improve the function of your business. You can try following these tips to help you get started with upgrading your technology. If you’re unsure at any point of what to modernize, consider communicating with data center solution providers to gain more knowledge of how your business can modernize.