Companies today spend about a third of their Information Technology budget on cloud-based solutions. The investment improves their efficiencies. For similar reasons, corporations of all sizes are increasingly relying on the services they get from their managed IT services provider.

Entrepreneurs can outsource their functions and processes to managed IT services providers. Small businesses can cut operating costs and enhance efficiency. Here are different ways SMEs can benefit from these solutions.

Access to Security Services

One of the most significant ways that cloud-computing has been beneficial to small businesses is in providing better security services. Organizations have relied on the skills of their in-house staff to keep their systems safe for a long time, but recruiting and hiring the best talent in cybersecurity has often proven to be costly.

Increasing cases of hacking in recent years have left entrepreneurs feeling vulnerable to attacks. Fortunately, managed IT services providers offer a wide range of services, including cybersecurity consulting. The efficiency that comes with using applications on the cloud makes these services cost-effective. It also brings high-quality cybersecurity support closer to small and mid-sized organizations.

Improved Efficiency with Cloud-Based Automation

When cloud computing technology first emerged, most of it was centered on managing networks and providing data center solutions. As the scope of applications expands, more tools are available for entrepreneurs to enhance their key operations.

It is now possible for organizations to run many of their transactions virtually. In such a case, businesses can then handle critical data in-house and then delegate non-core functions to a managed IT services provider. This way, organizations will have more room to focus on what they are good at while leaving the rest to others.

For example, with CSaaS (Contact Center as a Service), a hosted phone system can work with AI applications to enhance your customers’ experience. You don’t need to worry about setting up a call center with enough staff to handle orders. The CSaaS solutions can sufficiently address your customer service requirements with virtual agents accessible through the cloud.

Staying Up to Date with Tech Advancements

For computer systems to remain secure and efficient, organizations have to update their software and hardware. You may need new equipment from time-to-time to keep up with technology trends in the market. Not only will it be expensive to buy and set up, but it may also be expensive to maintain the network.

With managed services, there is no need to pay for expensive network servers and software. Once you subscribe to a CSaaS or audiovisual cloud-based PBX system, you won’t have to worry about installation or maintenance. Small businesses can then save on the high expenses related to salaries and equipment.

Result-Oriented Service

Another key benefit that cloud solutions have for businesses is that they give entrepreneurs greater flexibility. The managed IT services provider will typically offer the consultancy on a subscription basis. The model gives entrepreneurs the freedom to switch packages or change their account whenever convenient. It also makes it easier for organizations to adapt to abrupt changes in the market. Otherwise, it would be costly to keep up with developments in technology, or new laws and regulations.

With managed services, you can resolve technical issues before they affect some of the critical operations of the business. Companies do not have to waste time and resources worrying about downtime and the resulting loss in sales. Cloud-based systems have proven to be fast in providing software updates and scalable back-up data services. They also offer efficient business-to-business integration solutions.

Some of the other result-oriented services commonly offered to SMEs include:

  • Cyber security consulting services.
  • Back-up and data center solutions.
  • CSaaS (Contact Center as a Service).
  • Video conferencing and audiovisual Communication architecture.

In Conclusion

There is a wide range of solutions for small businesses from a managed IT services provider today. You can increase productivity and enhance operations within the organization. To make the most of these applications, take time to understand your company’s requirements. Only then should you choose the tools that compliment your business operations.