The emergence of technology has revolutionized business operations. It is estimated that by the end of 2020, approximately 40 zettabytes of data will have moved through cloud computing networks. These estimates show the urgency with which your organization needs a data center solution.

Transitioning to data center solutions is a great strategy of expanding your company’s network as well as positioning your business for growth. You will, however, have to pick a provider that can be trusted with sensitive information.

Below are critical factors to consider when looking for a data center solution provider.


The primary goal of every business is to grow, and the last thing you wouldn’t want to imagine is a data center solution provider standing on your path of growth. The best way out of such situations is to choose a flexible provider. The same provider should have enough capacity to accommodate the growth of your business.

Vendors have to be growth-oriented and must be willing to accommodate new systems. Managed IT security services providers must grow with your business or even be ahead to guide you.


In your quest for a data center solution provider, you will meet several vendors who are willing to offer the service. Not everyone who purports to be a vendor deserves your time. Others are quacks masquerading as IT professionals.

The first point of engagement should be compliance certificates. There should be no reason why a vendor should not have the necessary documents. Use internet tools to verify the validity of the credentials provided.


With the emergence of cloud-based systems, businesses are starting to ignore the vital aspect of the location. In the short-term, location is not among the necessities, but things change with time.

Data center solution providers should be in proximity to your firm. This way, you have a chance to engage regularly and rectify errors that may be in the original installation. However, all data and call center solutions shouldn’t be in a single location. This move is strategic, and in case of a natural disaster, you will still access your data.

Physical Security

Physical security is ideally the last thing in your mind when issues of data center solutions are at stake. Although there may be nothing physical from your side, data centers have sophisticated systems that have to be manned.

Part of the physical security measures to keep in mind includes the presence of cameras. With these cameras, there is additional surveillance, and nobody will tamper with your system. Ask whether you can be allowed to fix cameras within your space for physical monitoring.


Constant communication between customers, employees, and suppliers is a crucial part of every business. Data center solution providers should thus incorporate aspects of stakeholder communication in the system.

Integrating communication services ensures that all stakeholders are part of the new system. This connectivity offers a unique platform where different business partners communicate and exchange crucial information.

Alignment With Disaster Recovery

The networking in your new data center should always be a step ahead of your remote location. The new systems should remain functional even when there are outages. Any managed IT services provider should guarantee minimal downtime.

Additionally, data center solution providers have to help clients develop a disaster recovery plan. IT disaster recovery services have to be part of the data center. With such systems and services in place, business operations will go on undisrupted.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Businesses that operate 24/7 need equivalent technical support. Additionally, the data center solution provider you go for should provide excellent customer service that will develop a robust working relationship.

Managed IT security services providers need to be in constant communication with their clients. If you discover that customer service is not a priority to them, even the quality of their services is compromised.

Final Word

Data center solutions and cyber security consulting services are essential to every organization. Firms must, however, be ready to explore all implications that come with these enhanced security measures. For more information on data center solution providers, contact us today.