Data breaches are at an all-time high. In the first half of 2019, cyber criminals had already made away with 4.5 billion files full of personal information. With cyberspace threats evolving every day, many business are playing catch up as they try to protect their networks and systems.

60% of small businesses that suffer from data breaches never recover. CEOs and CTOs need to stay vigilant and enhance their organization’s cyber security. One way to do this is by hiring cyber security consulting services. Their services can benefit your company or organization in the following ways:

1. A Comprehensive IT Systems Audit

The first step to any cyber security consulting is a thorough analysis of the existing systems. The experts can help identify loopholes within your networks that cyber criminals can capitalize on. The team then offers tailored solutions to protect your networks.

2. Staff Training

The four most common weak links in cyber security are networks, systems, portable devices, and human error. 95% of cyber-attacks are related to human errors.

Cyber security consulting services can help educate your non-IT staff members on the best security practices. Remember a single mistake by one of your employees has the potential of bringing the whole system down.

3. Compliance to Government Regulations

With increasing cases of loss of personal data, the government is tightening the noose on businesses to take responsibility. Some industries have existing regulations. Health has the HIPPA act that regulates access to private information in health industry players. Cyber security consulting services can help you establish the right framework to keep you compliant with government policies.

4. Avert Security Breaches

Most cyber security consulting firms offer a host of services, including Managed IT services. The experts can build on existing encryption and firewalls to build a robust anti-hacking network system. The firms invest in lead-edge technologies that keep your networks safe, even to emerging threats.

5. Create A Comprehensive Cyber Security Policy

As cyber criminal activities become increasingly complex, businesses need to have an organizational framework that outlines their cyber security policy. The framework describes in detail the different measures undertaken to protect the networks. It also points out the steps to take if a data breach does occur. Cyber security consulting services can help you draft a comprehensive policy for your organization.

6. Support Existing IT Teams

It may be painful to admit that modern cyber criminals are more experienced in data hacks than your average IT staff. You may need help from experts with premium technology to thwart threats to your systems. Your team can focus on other IT-related tasks that drive business growth.

7. IT Disaster Recovery Services

Over 25% of companies never test their back-up data systems. 77% of businesses that test record back-up failures. Cyber security consulting services can help you set up a robust data back-up plan. The experts may also help you recover data lost in hacks, computer failures, and viruses.

Businesses are now struggling to protect vital assets from cyber crime activities. Enlisting cybersecurity consulting services may give the organization an edge over the bad guys. ICC 360 can help you generate a custom blueprint for your cybersecurity policy to keep your networks and systems protected.