Cyber security is increasingly becoming a major concern for companies across the globe. Privacy data breaches have led to CEOs resigning, stock prices plummeting, and boards demanding responsibility from their CTOs. Outsourcing network security services has proven to be a viable and cost-effective option to mitigate breach risks. Here are some advantages of partnering with Managed IT security services providers (MSSPs).

Extensive Knowledge and Experience

MSSPs leverage their services based on in-depth knowledge and experience in network security. Managing different companies in different industries provide experts with vital learning opportunities. The lessons allow them to offer flexible and adaptable solutions in mitigating risks. In-house security teams are usually exposed to only one type of cyber security challenge. MSSPs’ exposure to various attack strategies helps them create more customized and effective IT security architectures.

Advanced Technology

Premium MSSPs regularly upgrade and maintain their technology and pool of resources. Lead-edge technology allows them to provide layered security solutions to their client’s networks. Additionally, the experts can build security programs organically from their experience, allowing them to hunt emerging threats continually.

Most security service providers have invested heavily in full redundancy and IT disaster recovery services. This is important since more than 34% of companies do not test their backup facilities and an astounding 77% of the companies that do find backup failures. Luckily, MSSPs service level agreements outline protocols that help in data recovery.

Saves on Costs

Modern network security systems are expensive to build and maintain. You will require a local security operation center well-stocked with dedicated hardware and software programs. You will also need a team of experienced security experts to run the center. Even with all that experience, you will still need to continually train the team on emerging threats, and it is expensive. Managed IT security services providers allow your business to get the same services at a fraction of that cost.

Increased Focus on the Business

Recent concerns over data protection are now forcing organizations to shift some of their focus from their core mandates to cyber security. A partnership with a managed IT service provider will help restore the balance.

The internal IT team can work on strategic security projects while the MSSP monitors SIEM dashboards and threat intelligence feeds.

Advanced Protection and Certification

Another benefit of outsourcing cyber security consulting services is that they provide effective security countermeasures. An MSSP will offer a team of seasoned experts who will use cutting edge technology to hunt for threats within your database. Most business security tools and resources receive over three billion actions in a month, and only a fraction of these are actual threats. The MSSP security experts can also help you get certified or meet the necessary data protection requirements within your industry.

Rapid Incident Response and Reports

The service level agreement in most MSSPs outline procedures for emergency responses and investigations to data breaches. Your in-house team may also receive daily reports about network security assessments and incidents. These may come in handy when the board is breathing down on your neck for assurances on data privacy and security.

Managed IT security services providers offer superior protection, they are cost-effective, and also provide updated reports on any new security threats. Rely on ICC 360 for more information on managed IT security today.