The advancements seen in the internet and computer technologies have transformed almost every call center in the world. Social Media has been the most disruptive technological force witnessed over the past 20 years. Most businesses already realize the value that social media has on their ability to generate and maintain sales.

Today, social media is deeply interwoven with social media networks like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter. Read on to understand how you can take advantage of these technologies to transform your company’s call center.

Focus on the Customer’s Journey

If you want to increase engagement with your company, you’ve got to trust the customers. Sure, you may have a journey that you wish your clients to take. However, it is just safer to trust the customer. You do this by being more available. That means being reachable 24/7 by integrating communication services.

Calls and text messages are cumbersome and resource-intensive, but social media chats aren’t. What’s more, a single customer care agent can chat with five customers simultaneously instead of talking with just one for the same period.

Instant chats that are powered by an internet connection have become call center solutions since they allow customers to reach businesses faster and more efficiently. Social media integration makes your company more available, saves you money, and serves the customers better.

Empower But Do Not Micromanage

If you give your call agent some room to be innovative, you will be surprised at how much business they can generate for your company. Obviously, the degree to which you can empower your call agents depends on the industry. However, there is always room for improvement.

The call agent does not have to go through other employees to access certain records. You can give him or her some privileges to quickly log into the cloud and pull valuable information independently. Such a move will also reflect positively on the customers who will feel that the company has unified communications.

If you can trust your employee with the on-premise phone system, you can do the same for some of the most frequently requested information by clients. Giving your call agent more privileges will reduce the backlog.

Most businesses allocate about 30% of their budgets to information technology. It means that if you are a business owner, you have already invested thousands or millions of dollars on cloud services. You might as well make real use of the convenience that such solutions provide.

Be Aggressive with Customer Care Services

Many customers will keep working with your business even if your services or products are slightly more expensive than the competition if the customer care is excellent. On the contrary, they will flee from any business that treats them horribly despite its cheaper offering. The analogy partly explains why Apple Inc. is so successful despite selling devices that are relatively more expensive than those sold by its competitors.

The only way for you to determine the quality of customer care services that your team is offering without staying on-premise 24/7 is to reach out to the clients. Following up with both the customers and the workers will allow you to determine whether the interactions are helping retain customers or not.

In the 21st century, many people are so busy with multiple chores and responsibilities that the last thing they need is to deal with an unfriendly company. The feedback will empower you to make tough but necessary decisions to streamline the call center. You will begin to notice that positive customer feedback typically corresponds to more return clients.

Final Word

Social Media has revolutionized how people communicate with their loved ones and the businesses that sell them goods and services. If you are a business owner or manager, you want to stay ahead of the curve in terms of integrating social media with your company’s call center. Frankly, the days of hiring tens of workers to receive calls are coming to an end.

Recognizing the utility that social media introduces to business communication will help your company stand out of the competition while fostering unified communications to customers. Contact us today to learn more about social media communication integration, among other IT solutions that your company needs.