Customer service has always been considered as a key factor in the success of any enterprise. But as businesses continue to apply technology to enhance operations, consumers expect more. Statistics indicate that 75% of customers will base their choice of service on whether the provider offers personalized experiences.

Cloud-based systems are able to provide more efficient IT disaster recovery services than traditional systems. Given that people crave more personalized experiences, cloud-based PBX solutions are emerging as a tool that can help SMEs remain productive and competitive. Here are some of the top ways a virtual receptionist can improve communications and operations for small businesses.

They Are Cost-Effective and Convenient

A small business will need to set aside about $30,000 for a full-time receptionist. Sometimes, additional customer representatives may be needed to cover for the off-hours. Yet SMEs today can’t expect to remain competitive if they fail to meet their clients’ needs.

The business has to respond promptly to complaints and requests, otherwise, you might experience a significant loss in sales. Luckily, a hosted phone system can be integrated with your applications to enhance your customer’s experience. Statistics show that half of your customers prefer a live chat response than responding to email or social media. By outsourcing a calling center to handle your calls off-hours, your customers will always be heard.

The key is to integrate VOIP PBX, live chat, and other digital communication applications to improve the response time. A properly structured technology infrastructure can capture information from multiple channels that meets the needs of your individual clients. For example, a visitor on your website might fill out a form with questions for a virtual assistant to answer. Meanwhile, voicemail can record messages to review later.

Improve Internal and External Communications

VoIP phone system applications are easy to use and deploy. It enables a business to relay data in real-time across multiple channels. Complaints coming from email, social media platforms, or your website are coordinated to enhance the value of the data coming in. And since everything is stored in the cloud, you never have to worry about losing important data.

Not only do cloud-based data systems improve customer experience, but they also allow information to flow freely within the organization. For example, sales agents enjoy the fact that they can send updates about a client from anywhere in the world. With the rich set of features available, departments can use these updates to track an issue as soon as it comes up. This makes it even easier for businesses with remote workers.

Reduces Downtime for Small Businesses

Hosted PBX systems can also integrate with IT disaster recovery services to enhance productivity. In the case of an accident or disaster, PBX systems allow you to continue communicating with your customers. Your agents can still respond to queries since critical customer data remains accessible through IT disaster recovery services.

A VoIP based system is one of the cost-effective ways entrepreneurs can cushion their businesses against the losses resulting from frequent downtimes. Be sure to check that your data center solutions provider incorporates these IT disaster recovery systems in their VoIP package.

Keep Your Employs Happy

In light of increasing job opportunities, statistics indicate that many employers are struggling with job retention. In fact, some reports claim that three-quarters of employees are continuously seeking new career opportunities. Small businesses need to pay attention to the working conditions of their agents to retain their top talent and keep operations running smoothly.

A virtual receptionist can ease the workload for your employees and give them room to breathe. When an agent can’t pick a call, the virtual assistant can step in. Thanks to cloud-based solutions, your agents can have more breaks and vacations.

VoIP systems have evolved into effective tools for challenges facing SMEs today. When you’re ready to learn more, rely on Innovative Communication Concepts Inc.