Customer service is the backbone of businesses in the modern economy. With stiff competition in business, customers have more options to choose from. Therefore, it is the responsibility of every business to establish and maintain excellent customer service to ensure continued success in business.

Before the internet, companies had to establish multiple physical locations as contact centers to serve the customers. However with the advancement in technology, customer service has been transformed and improved by making it possible to set up online and cloud-based contact centers — Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS).

CCaaS improves customer service as it enables the customers to use their favorite communication channel to reach the business and get help. Unlike the past when the primary communication channel between a business and its customers was through the phone, CCaaS has changed this by introducing more channels. These include social media, instant messaging and emails. Even with all these channels open for use, a new challenge arises — management of the channels. CCaaS solves this dilemma by combining these multiple channels into one accessible package that is user-friendly and convenient to use.

As a result, companies can have one contact center that serves multiple locations where they have other branches. When a customer calls the company with a query, the responding agent can utilize CCaaS solutions to serve the client faster, more efficiently, and more convincingly. With the centralization of customer data, the agent will access all the necessary client details that will boost the quality of service delivered.

Here are more benefits of using Contact Center as a Service.

1. CCaaS Significantly Improves Customer Experience

By pooling customer-data into a single online center, CCaaS helps customer service agents to be more reliable in terms of providing workable and solid solutions. When a customer calls, the agent can use data center solutions to assist the customer without keeping them on hold for long or having to transfer the call to another department. This will not only make the agent more reliable and efficient but also reduce the time used per customer. Resultantly, customers are happier because of the quick and efficient solutions they get in a single call and not having to wait longer to get the fix.

Great CCaaS solutions will boost your company’s customer service by effectively answering customer-queries from the various communication platforms – social media, emails, phone, and messaging.

2. Reduce Operational Costs of Your Business

CCaaS utilizes the internet for storing all customer data in the cloud. As a result, companies do not have to invest in the more costly data-storage methods such as purchasing high-storage hard drives and investing in complex and expensive servers. As companies find better ways to cut costs and increase productivity, it is likely that in 2020, most companies will store 83% of their data in the cloud. Additionally, it saves businesses the big cost of setting up physical offices for their customer care centers. This means that a company only needs to set up on a contact center that serves the entire business.

3. Helps the Company’s Management Streamline Customer Service

By utilizing CCaaS solutions, a company gets important data and analytics that helps them improve quality-delivery from their agents. The managers must be able to assess the quality of all their agents, as they are the first contact when a client calls with a query. A CCaaS system can record and retrieve call scripts. This helps the manager to review the calls and identify gaps in service delivery from an agent. Consequently, the management can recommend tailored training for their agents.

Additionally, the CCaaS system can send alerts when an agent uses foul language or vocabulary that is not recommended by the company. Therefore, a company that uses CCaaS will be able to utilize the data and come up with a best-fit strategy to bring more quality to their customer service.

With CCaaS taking over from UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service), companies are highly advised to integrate UCaaS solutions with CCaaS solutions. The future of customer service lies in CCaaS and it is prudent that your company utilizes it to take advantage of the numerous benefits of the system.